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Sinocastel OBD Tracker


DescriptionUUAID GSM is a cloud application let you track and diagnostic your car remotely through your smart phone. You can :SIMPLY plug the OBD Smart IDD-212G (OBD GPS Tracker) designed by Sinocastel on your car, EASILY track car location, get fuel consumption, monitor mileage, QUICKLY know why and when your MIL is on, We make your car talk, just enjoy the OBD Telematics leading by Sinocastel !
UUAID Support:1.Remote vehicle condition check-Vehicle health status;-ECU Data stream: coolant temperature, RPM, Emission, engine load, DTCs, speed control and etc.
2.Vehicle Location -View the car location on the map
3.Vehicle alarms-Important driving alarms records, like speeding, hard acceleration /deceleration, low voltage, high RPM, high coolant temperature, idling, etc. -Detailed DTCs list viewing: Occurred date, time, severity level, reasons and solutions.-Services: Maintenance tips according to vehicle health condition.
4.Trip reports-Detailed trips records with mileage, driving time, fuel consumption, fuel cost, Emission.
5.Driving behavior analysis -Safety driving level and score-Economic driving level and score-Suggestions to improve driving performance